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Translation agency LX Preklady

Translation agency LX Preklady provides top quality professional language services. We translate and interpret almost anything and anywhere. Use LX Preklady for all your translation needs. You can be sure of a quick and reliable service


Translations into and from many European and non-European languages.


Intrerpreting services into and from many European and non-European languages.

Translation agency LX Preklady specialises in the following languages: Slovak, Czech, Russian, English and German.

We mainly translate texts, but also website contents. And we do so to a very high standard. This means that, in general, your translation will be done by a native speaker; alternatively, your translation will at least be checked and edited by a native speaker. We never forget: your business card is also our business card!

The activities of Translation agency ULC have been taken over by LX Preklady. This means the same management, the same professionalism and the same speed but a different location and a different legal structure. All translating and interpreting activities have been centralised in Slovakia or are being managed from there. This does not mean that you will have to wait longer for your translations. Most translation orders are delivered by e-mail or fax and the ready translations are generally delivered to the customer by e-mail. Translations of official affidavits and sworn statements are, of course, delivered by mail. With respect to this type of translation, generally there will be no loss of time in comparison to a translation agency located in The Netherlands.

Other services

  • Editing of texts in various languages
  • Digitalisation of documents
  • Consultancy (in the field of language and communication)
  • Localisation of texts
  • Practical support with communication problems
  • Trade consultancy

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