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Other services

  • Editing of texts in various languages
  • Digitalisation of documents
  • Consultancy (in the field of language and communication)
  • Localisation of texts
  • Practical support with communication problems
  • Trade consultancy

Editing of texts in various languages

You have prepared texts and you need professional editing (orthography and style)? With LX Preklady, you have come to the right place.

Digitalisation of documents

You have larger documents and you really need digital files in Word-format? With LX Preklady you are again at the right address.

Consultancy (in the field of language and communication)

Contact LX Preklady for various linguistic services, for example for summarising texts, editing marketing texts and writing or rewriting texts.

Also, providing information about doing business in foreign countries falls under the purview of our consultancy. According to your requirements, we can establish a special, short course focused on a certain country. Example: for employees of a world-renowned Dutch company who were about to be deployed to Slovakia, we put together a two-day programme with four teachers who acquainted the employees very briefly with Slovakia, the Slovak culture, politics, economy, mentality and living conditions.

Localisation of texts

You sell products which taste like aromatic, young Gouda cheese. We don't doubt it, but if we have to translate this into Slovak, then it is no use to provide a literal translation, since 99.99% of Slovaks have no idea what young Gouda cheese means. In such cases, we adapt your texts in such a way that the comparison as such remains, but in such a way that it is comprehensible for your potential customer from the respective language area.

Practical support with communication problems

We regularly solve practical problems between companies. There is nothing like picking up the phone and calling your foreign business partner in their own language in order to discuss a misunderstanding. Just call or mail us and we'll make your call.

Trade consultancy

LX Preklady has excellent contacts with trade companies and production units as well as with lawyers in several European countries, especially in Slovakia. LX Preklady can establish contacts with possible commercial partners. These intermediary activities are performed strictly according to an agreed-upon price, never based upon “no cure, no pay“. The intermediary activities generally remain limited to establishing contacts in the first phase of cooperation between companies or institutions.

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